Real Food Revolution (RFR) was initially formed during the spring semester of 2012 by a small group of students with a goal of engaging the Rice community in progress towards a sustainable food policy and fostering an appreciation of local, sustainably produced, and delicious food. The mission of RFR is to strengthen the Rice and Houston community by: fostering a commitment to our shared ecological place and collective well-being; building appreciation for the far-reaching impact of food quality on the health of ourselves and our community; restoring Rice campus to the vital cycle of food production and consumption, thereby promoting the health of our environment and future safety and sustainability of our community; upholding justice in our mutually dependent relationship with the people who cultivate our food and the plants and animals that produce it; entreating Rice community members to revel in the good taste and high quality of “real” food; and encouraging the collective recognition of Rice’s leading presence among institutions with regard to our potential for regional and national leadership in food sustainability.

How to get involved: