The Green Dorm Initiative (GDI) is the annual competition that encourages Rice students, staff, faculty, and administrators to adopt sustainable lifestyles and to then implement them on campus. Held during Spring Semester, GDI is a two-week event hosted by the Rice University EcoReps that targets different green topics around campus every day. Competitors can participate in as many days as they like, but the more days they participate, the more prizes they will win!


Green Dorm Initative 2020 will be held January 20th through January 31st. Stay tuned for more information, and sign up below to be the first to know more.

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Everyone who participates will be entered to win smaller prizes, a few top point earners will win larger prizes, and the top college will win a college wide prize.

Past daily prizes have included: bamboo toothbrushes, metal straws, Miyoko's products coupons, topical books, and Acure body products!

Past larger prizes have included: a private cooking class with Chef Sarah of Sid, a tour of the steam tunnels, free tickets to the Butterfly Exhibit in the Natural Sciences Museum, and a tour of the Moody Center's environmental exhibit!

The past college prizes was a catered spirit event.

You can read more about GDI 2019 here:

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