Rice University recognizes that recycling saves energy, saves money, reduces pollution, helps save natural environments, reduces waste in landfills, and keeps cities clean. Recognizing that the “cradle-to-grave” model of resource usage--when virgin materials are made into products that are discarded--is outdated, Rice has chosen to pursue a “cradle-to-cradle” model that emphasizes the reduction, reuse and recycling of materials. The on-campus recycling program is extensive with bins in every office and dorm room, comprehensive with the ability to recycle a great variety of materials and user-friendly with the single-stream model. Recycling is accomplished jointly by the departments of Facilities Engineering & Planning and Housing & Dining. Administrators have chosen to consider the far-reaching impacts of resource usage and have adopted a program that is ecology-minded and forward-thinking.

Recycling bins are located in every campus building, including the residential colleges and were recently implemented in outdoor spaces including the athletic stadiums. Rice University’s recycling is collected by Waste Management and transported by truck to their state-of-the-art sorting facility in Houston, Texas.

To obtain a new recycling bin for your office, please email binrequest@rice.edu. Be sure to provide pertinent information including your name, building name, room number and contact information. Students can request a new bin for on-campus dorm rooms by emailing work@rice.edu.

Recycling poster outlining what can be recycled at Rice University