Biking Services

B-Cycle Program: Houston B Cycle a city-wide bike share system offering student memberships for $60 per year, and there are at least eight bike share stations on Rice's campus, in addition to bike stations in the surrounding area such as Rice Village, Hermann Park, and the Texas Medical Center.

Bike storage: Rice has a total of 1,530 bicycle parking spaces that are conveniently located throughout the campus for all students, staff, and faculty. Of these parking spaces, 825 are present in academic/administrative areas, 105 are located in parking areas, and 600 are within 100m of residential colleges. Long-term storage for bicycles can be requested individually. Most residential colleges have storage areas where bikes can be held, and Rice University Housing & Dining will provide storage space if necessary. Additionally, many residential colleges will rent storage pods over the summer which, for a small fee, can be used to store bicycles. These pods are delivered to each residential college about a week before move-out and are conveniently located for easy access. They are then brought back during move-in the following semester.

Bike Showers: Rice has a number of bike shower facilities for bicycle commuters. These showers can be found in the following building locations:

  • Anderson Biology - 3rd Floor
  • Baker Hall - 2nd Floor
  • Dell Butcher Hall - 3rd Floor
  • Duncan Hall - 3rd Floor
  • Facilities & Engineering - 1st Floor (Shops Area)
  • Geology - 3rd Floor
  • George R. Brown Hall - 3rd Floor
  • Gibbs Recreation & Wellness Center
  • Herring Hall - 3rd Floor
  • Humanities Building - 3rd Floor
  • Keck Hall - Basement (Across hall from the elevator)
  • McNair Hall (JGSM) - 2nd Floor
  • Mechanical Engineering Building - 1st Floor
  • Rayzor Hall - 2nd Floor Women's, 3rd Floor Men's
  • Ryon Laboratory - 1st Floor
  • Tudor Fieldhouse

Lockers for bicycle commuters: The Recreation and Wellness Center has rental lockers available to the general public, including bicycle commuters to the University. Renting a locker on a semester-basis costs $20-$30. Day lockers are also available. Additionally, most of the residential colleges have lockers/cubbies available for off-campus student use.

Rice Bike Share Program: The Rice Bike Share Program was started in 2012 by a class called Rice Into the Future, taught by Richard Johnson, Rice’s Executive Director for Sustainability, and Elizabeth Long, a sociology professor at Rice. The program is run by the Rice Bike Shop, a rental and repairs service, and allows students to rent bicycles on a semester basis. The bikes come equipped with a front basket, a U-bolt lock, and a set of front and rear lights. Bikes can also be rented with a friend to lower the upfront costs. The semester rate for an individual rental is $50 with a $100 refundable deposit, and the rate for a partner rental is $35 per person with a $100 per person refundable deposit. Both the Rice Bike Share Program and the Bike Shop are easily accessible to both undergraduates and graduate students.

Bike Repairs

Repair Station: Rice has a Dero Fixit bike repair station located behind the Housing and Dining office between Herring Hall and Hanszen College. It has all the tools needed for basic bike repairs and a QR code that will point users’ smartphones to an extensive online repair manual.

Rice Bike Shop: The Rice Bike Shop is a student-run business on campus that offers bike repairs at a low cost. To learn more about the Rice Bike Shop and to see a list of their offered services and costs, click here.