EnviClub hosts "Sustainable Suds" event

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Gennifer Geer

On Oct. 14, the Rice Environmental Club’s hosted a “Sustainable Suds” event, where students learned how to make eco-friendly laundry soap and dryer balls. Pictured above are the materials: castile, washing soda, cutting boards, measuring cups, and a grater.

Baker College sophomore Camille Chenevert examines her alternative dryer balls, which use far fewer chemicals than traditional dryer sheets, making them better for the environment.

Environmental club members read the instructions, making sure to allot ingredients properly. Though the method is fairly simple, everyone ensures the ratio is correct.

Measuring out more washing soda, club members continue the careful process of making soap.

Baker College senior Olivia Aguilar grates more castile to add to the soap. For homemade laundry detergent, castile is the main cleaning ingredient.

All you need to make your own sustainable dryer balls: yarn, dryer balls, and pantyhose. To get involved with the Rice Environmental Club, come to their weekly meetings on Mondays at 5:45 p.m. in the Duncan PDR!