Sustainability at Rice LinkedIn Group creates green network

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At Rice, there are hundreds of students interested in following a career path related to sustainability or the environment. Joining the Sustainability at Rice University LinkedIn group lets them connect with over 225 members, many of whom are graduates employed in “green” jobs. The group is open to Rice students, faculty, staff, and alumni, but otherwise restricted to those presently or formerly part of the Rice community.

This group represents a valuable opportunity for members of the Rice community that have environmental interests to connect and broaden their network. Indeed, the group was founded with “the intent to serve as a space for sharing news related to sustainability initiatives at Rice, highlighting the work of members of the Rice community, posting jobs of interest, fostering opportunities, encouraging networking, and otherwise advancing the ability of the Rice community to create a more sustainable world.” The Sustainability at Rice University group is managed by Rice’s Administrative Center for Sustainability and Energy Management (ACSEM), which is Rice’s sustainability office.

“The Sustainability at Rice LinkedIn group is often the first place that I send students when they ask how they can find a green job," Richard Johnson, Rice’s sustainability director, said. "I encourage them to connect with alumi who work in industries that are of interest, conduct informational interviews, and ask whether they know of opportunities. Many jobs are found through word-of-mouth and based on who you know, so students need to be active and targeted in their job search, rather than just emailing resumes and waiting patiently for a response.”

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