Hanszen Commons get LED lighting

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Matt McGee

In response to student recommendations about how to make Hanszen College “more eco-friendly and a better living space,” Hanszen eco-rep Conrado Asenjo and Housing and Dining staff have been working to install LED light bulbs in the Hanszen Commons. The shift to LEDs is motivated by a desire to increase energy efficiency as well as the quality of lighting.

The Hanszen Commons project is funded entirely by H&D, and they are replacing the current fluorescent lights with LEDs as they burn out. At this point in time, Asenjo estimates that out of the LED-compatible light fixtures in the Hanszen commons, approximately 12 now have LED bulbs, with an additional 20-25 remaining to be fitted with LEDs.

The project is part of a broader shift to LED lighting at Rice. The Anderson-Clarke Center for Continuing Studies, opened in 2014, is Rice’s first all-LED building. Other locations with LED lighting include the Sid Rich Commons, Herring 100, and the outdoor lights at the new George R. Brown Tennis Complex.