Graduate Degrees

Civil and Environmental Engineering (M.S./MCEE/Ph.D)
The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers advanced degrees with emphasis on a variety of specialization areas ranging from hydrology and air quality to structures and bridge engineering, sustainable environmental engineering and more.

Energy Transition and Sustainability (M.S.)
The Master of Energy Transition and Sustainability (METS) Program is an advanced, professional non-thesis degree designed in partnership with the George R. Brown School of Engineering (SoE) and the Wiess School of Natural Sciences (SoNS) at Rice University. The METS program empowers individuals with the knowledge and expertise required to spearhead the global energy transition. This joint degree program will require 31 credit hours of curated courses at the 500-level or above, including a culminating three-credit hour capstone course.

Environmental Analysis and Decision Making (M.S.)
The Environmental Analysis and Decision Making major is geared to teach students rigorous methods that are needed by industrial and governmental organizations to deal with environmental issues. As an interdisciplinary program, it aims to give students the ability to predict environmental problems, not just solve them. It emphasizes core quantitative topics such as statistics, remote sensing, data analysis, and modeling. In addition, it teaches laboratory and computer skills and allows students to focus their education by taking electives in relevant fields.